Gutter Cleaning


Gutter cleaning typically takes place at the end of Spring (late June) and/or during Fall (November-December). Although some houses need it more often due to constantly falling pine trees. We are out cleaning gutters all year long at both residential and commercial buildings.

You don't need to be home for the gutter cleaning. Cleaning orders are placed and carried out within a specified time frame. For example you can call in September to place a gutter cleaning order to be done the 3rd week of November. If you need a cleaning now, it can be done within a week or two. Emergency cleanings are done within 2 to 3 days, sometimes even same day. A yellow receipt or other notice will be left in your mailbox when the work is completed.


The Advantages


Unlike most services cleaning gutters on the side, we clean both the gutter and unclog downspouts (the pipes running down the side of the house). This is part of our normal service. If any downspout is found to be clogged we will attempt to unclog it. We will also reconnect downspouts that have become detached.

Even fewer will offer gutter oiling. When you oil a wood gutter it will help extend the life of them. Oil is brushed into the gutter lining to help repel water. Let us know if you have wood gutters that need oiling. (metal gutters are not oiled)


Scheduling Fall Gutter Cleanings


Fall cleanings typically begin the second week of November. This year it is November 10, 2014. You can schedule for the weeks of:

November 10 -- November 17 --- November 24 -- December 1 -- December 8

To get your desired week be sure to call in by mid-October. You can always move an order to a later week if the leaves are not done falling yet (please let us know by the preceding Friday).

It is important to note, as happened during December 2013, we can only clean gutters when it is above freezing. Leaves and debris will stick to the wood/metal and it is very likely the gutters will suffer damage from removal. If it becomes too cold orders will be held until January or later to be completed.




  • We do not call beforehand unless you request notice
  • Please mail in your check within a couple of days after the work is complete (we do not take credit cards)
  • We can bill to a separate address for business/rental homes


If there is ever an issue or question please call the office






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